1. You are made to feel very welcome. Latinos are so kind and they love talking to people. When you are here, you feel inspired by their attitude and you feel more comfortable meeting new people and making friends. This is an enriching experience and will allow you to feel valued.

2. You feel inspired by the wonders of Latin America. There is so much diversity. The cultures are varied and intriguing. Moreover, the landscape is ever-changing. You may find many terrains including; beaches, jungle, mountains, rivers and much more. All in just one country! You can immerse yourself in this magical place and discover so many things.

3. You can learn the customs of Latin American culture. In Latin America there are 20 countries, so the variety of culture is huge. Traditions and manners change, so what it is polite in one region may be impolite in another. In addition, the language can change depending on the area. Just like in English, the terminology and accent may be different, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

4. You adjust to a new pace of life. South American routines are very different. They work long hours, have many bank holidays and take long lunches. This is something you have to adapt to. It is all part of the travelling experience and you will get used to it.

5. You learn to appreciate the little things. South Americans are very happy people. They really enjoy life and don’t worry about small things. That is an important part of Latino culture and something that should be embraced by all.

6. You change your own outlook on life. Many Latinos have lived through very difficult situations and continue to have a positive outlook on life. This is very inspiring and will make you want to enjoy life more and share happiness with others.

7. You are going to understand we really want you to stay here. Latinos really make you feel like this could be your home. They are ready to help you to adapt to the culture, language and mannerisms and make you feel like a part of the family.

Well, now you know more about Latin American culture, why don’t you try it out for yourself? You should choose Colombia as your first destination. Voted the second happiest country in the world, Colombia combines all of the 7 things discussed and more!