Are you thinking of working in a Spanish speaking country? Maybe Latin America or Spain. Whatever you choose, you will need some advice on how to enjoy your life and work there. Easy Spanish staff are here to help!

1. Political and economic situation. You need to know the important aspects about the economic and political situation of the country you choose to live in. Some countries may have restrictions on immigration and working visa requirements; so you need to do your research. Also, there may be restrictions depending where you are from, so it is necessary to know the rules and regulations, for your desired destination. It would be useful to talk to someone who has already worked in that country, so they can give you some tips. It is important to know things like where you can exchange money, or if you can pay with your national currency.

2. Cost of living. If you want to live in a new place it is necessary to know how much it will cost. Some cities are cheap and others are expensive for foreigners, so choose wisely. Another important thing that could help you to choose wisely, is knowing why that place is expensive or cheap. It could be related to the conditions, or the quality of life there. It is important to choose the right place to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

3. Culture is important. In Latin America alone there are 20 countries, so 20 options of where to move. Every country is different, in fact there are different cultures in each. Reading some experiences of people, that have lived these countries, could help you to decide where you want to go. Culture shock could be huge, so you need to prepare yourself for it. Just so you know, Latinos are so kind and their culture is to be hospitable, so you will be fine here.

4. Do people speak English? Some Latino countries have two or more official national languages, including English. In some countries there are many people that speak English; but in others, most of the people only speak Spanish. For instance, if you want to order food in a restaurant, ask for an address, pay your bills, or ask questions it is important to know the local language. Being in a country where all the people speak a completely different language is a huge challenge but totally worth it. You should also take into account that some accents are very difficult to understand even for other Spanish speakers, so make sure to choose a place where people speak clearly.

5. Learn Spanish. If you want to live in a Latin-American place it is fundamental to know Spanish. This will advantageous for you. It will help you to become successful in your work, make new friends, know different places and understand the culture. If you want to learn Spanish easily you can click on the “sign up” icon on this web site. We are based in Medellin, Colombia, but we also have online classes; if you decide to live in other place. However, Medellin is such a good place for foreigners, many people have come here to live, so why don’t you try?

WRITTEN BY: Alicia Estrada. Spanish teacher in Easy Spanish.
REVISED BY: Jade Hodgkiss. English teacher.