In English we use the verb to be (AM, IS, ARE) to describe people. If you would like to speak Spanish, you will need an easy tool which allows you to do this using the correct Spanish verbs. Here’s an easy approach to identifying them in groups; underlying their main characteristics.

In this article we will give you a formula to follow using verbs SER, ESTAR (TO BE) and TENER (TO HAVE). Below you will find the conjugation in the PRESENT TENSE (INDICATIVE). For these three verbs and personal pronouns in SPANISH, the pronoun and the form of the verb are linked to the color of the bubble.

Hola, me llamo Ana.

Soy Colombiana, tengo 26 años y soy soltera.

Soy una mujer alta, tengo el cabello negro y ondulado, y mis ojos son cafés.

Tengo gafas y mi piel es morena. Estoy embarazada y estoy muy feliz por eso.

Do you know what is she saying?

Hi, my name is Ana.

I am Colombian, I am 26 years old and I am single.

I am a tall woman, I have black and wavy hair, and my eyes are Brown.

I wear glasses and my skin is Brown. I am pregnant and I am very happy because of that.

Who is she?

There are two groups of adjectives we use only with SER or only with ESTAR. Learn them below.

In the group of ESTAR there is an important word (BIEN) that doesn’t appear, because it is an ADVERB. We use BIEN exclusively with “ESTAR” when we answer the question “¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)” we say “Estoy bien (I am fine)” so just remember that.

Let’s practice:

Identify the correct person according to the description: Write the number according to the description. Find the answer below.

Él es Pablo. Él tiene más de 60 años. Él tiene gafas y su piel es blanca. Su pelo es gris. Él tiene una camisa azul y él es alegre. ( )

Él es Alberto. Es un hombre joven y su pelo es negro. El no tiene gafas y su camisa es verde ( )

Él es Onix. Tiene orejas grandes, su pelo es café y sus ojos son negros. ( )

Check your answers only after trying to complete the exercise.

He is Pablo. He is more than 60 years old. He wears glasses and his shirt is Green. His hair is gray. He has a blue shirt and he is happy. (1)

He is Alberto. He is a young man and his hair is black. He doesn’t have glasses and his shirt is Green. (4)

It is Onix. It has big ears, its’ fur is Brown and its’ eyes are black.(8)

Okay, now practice with your family and show off your Spanish!